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Product & Services
Synthetic Rubber
Synthetic Rubber EPDM Grades
Vistalon EPDM Grades
Vistalon EPDM 3666
Vistalon EPDM 5601
Vistalon EPDM 7001
Vistalon EPDM 722
Vistalon EPDM 7500
Vistalon EPDM 8900
Dow EPDM Grades
Nordel EPDM 3640
Nordel EPDM 3670
Nordel EPDM 3720 P
Nordel EPDM 3722 P
Nordel EPDM 3745
Nordel EPDM 4520
Nordel EPDM 4570
Nordel EPDM 4640
Nordel EPDM 4725
Nordel EPDM 4760 P
Nordel EPDM 4770 P
Nordel EPDM 4820 P
Nordel EPDM 5665 P
Royalene EPDM 301 T
Other Synthetic Rubber
Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR 1502 And 1712)
NBR Rubber (Nitrile Rubber)
Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Re - Worked
HSR (High Styrene Rubber)
Viton Rubber (FKM - Flurocarbon Rubber)
Silicone Rubber
Chloroprene Rubber
Synthetic Rubber Off Grade Loose Lumps
EPDM Off Grade Loose Lumps
S B R Off Grade Loose Lumps
N B R Off Grade Loose Lumps
P B R Off Grade Loose Lumps
Biir Off Grade Loose Lumps
Iir Off Grade Loose Lumps
Chloroprene Rubber Wet
Chloroprene Rubber Dry
Natural Rubber
TSR - 10
TSR - 20
Natural Rubber Grades 5l And 5
Butyl Grades
Exxon Bromobutyl Grades 2222, 2235, 2255
Exxon Bromobutyl 2244
Butyl Rubber 268
Butyl Rubber BK 1675
Chlorobutyl - 1240
Chlorobutyl - 1066
Chlorobutyl RE - Worked
Reclaiming Materials
Tyre Crumb Rubber 30 N 40 Mesh
Reclaim Rubber Butyl
Reclaim Rubber White
Reclaim Rubber WTR
Vulcanization Materials (Accelerators, Antioxidants)
Accelerator CBS
Accelerator DCBS
Accelerator DPG
Accelerator DZ
Accelerator ETU 22
Accelerator MBT
Accelerator MBTS
Accelerator NOBS - MBS- MOR
Accelerator TBBS
Accelerator TETD
Accelerator TMTD
Accelerator TMTM
Accelerator ZBDC
Accelerator ZDBC
Accelerator ZDC-ZDEC
Accelerator ZMBT
Antioxidant 4010 [IPPD]
Antioxidant 4020 [6PPD]
Antioxidant MBZ
Antioxidant RD - TMQ
Antioxidant NAUGARD 445
Antiscorching Agent CTP/ PVI
Di Cumyl Peroxide
Renacit 7
Renacit 11

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Extenders, Fillers, Reinforcing Materials
Carbon Black Grades
Ebonite Brown
Ebonite Dust Black
Graphite Powder
Aluminium Silicate
Calcium Carbonate
China Clay
Magnesium Oxide
Mica Powder
PPTD Silica
Non Black Materials
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Hydroxide
Processing Materials (Plasticizers & Softners)
Di - Ethylene Glycol (DEG)
Di - octyl Phthalate (DOP)
Di Butyl Phthalate (DBP)
Phenolic Resin
Coumarine Resin
Wood Rosin
Aromatic Oil 710
Napthanic Oil 541
Paraffinic 245
Auxiliary & Surface Materials
Silicone Emulsion 25%
Insoluble Sulphur OT-20
Blowing Agent
Blowing Agent ACP/W
DNPT Blowing Agent
Brown Factice
White Factice
Paraffin Wax
Micro Crystalline Wax
Lubricant Additive
Base Oil High VI
Base Oil Low VI
Viscosity Index Improver (Shamaprene - 14)
Viscosity Index Improver (Shamaprene - 151)
Viscosity Index Improver (Shamaprene - 161)
Shamaprene (Economy)
Pour Point Depressant (PPD)
Super High Synthetic Calcium Sulphonate (TBN Booster - 400)
Other Lubricant Additive
Diesel Engine Additive Package (T-3158 B)
Combustion Engine Additive Package (T-3268 B)
Middle Based Sulfurized Calcium Alkyl Phenolate (T-122)
Engine Oil Additives DI Package
Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate
Amine Type Antioxidant (T534)
Zinc Butyl Octyl Dithiophosphate (T2202)
Antifoam Agent (T9901)
Non-silicontype Antifoam Agent (T9922)
Package For Diesel Engine Oil (KT3131)
Package For Diesel Engine Oil (KT3133)
Package For Diesel Engine Oil (KT3141)
Additive Package For Universal Gear Oil (KT4201)
Additive Package For Turbine Oil (KT6001)
Polymethacrylate (KT8602)
Additive Package For Multifunctional Engine Oil (KT33232)
Additive Package For Universal Gear Oil (KT44201A)
Ashless High Pressure Antiwear Hydraulic Fluid (KT55011)
Additive Package For Anti-wear Hydraulic Fluid (KT55012)
Dialkyl Diphenylamine (ADPA-98)
Zinc DI-Organo Dithiophosphate (ZDDP)
Castor Oil Derivatives
Hydrogenated Castor Oil
12 - Hydroxy Stearic Acid
Refined Castor Oil (BSS Grade)
Friction Cord
Nylon Cord
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